Quality Driving & Motorcycle School offers refresher lessons for senior drivers. Receive up to date driving tips and techniques to strengthen your driving skills.

Stay on the road as long as possible with the help of our highly experienced instructors. We have instructors who specialize in senior driver training with their patient and calm attitude.



We here at Quality Driving School are dedicated to partner with you in developing your ability to take your place safely and confidently on the streets and highways as quickly as you can. Learning to be a safe and competent driver will give you a sense of pride, a feeling of accomplishment and an attitude of freedom that earning a driver's license brings with it.

We will guide you through the general and the finer points of driving tasks necessary to not only pass the road test but to also give you the skills necessary to be a safe and confident driver for life.

Our instructors listen to what the problems are and concentrate on correcting them as well as improving any other area you feel the need to be addressed. Some common problems are: parallel parking, backing up, highway driving, merging and downtown driving. Quality Driving School will schedule your road test with Macleod Trail or Mojo's registry. You can also rent a car for the road test.