After road test has been booked, Cancellations must be made with 48 hours notice!


Student must have acceptable knowledge and skills in driving before the instructor advises arranging for a road test.

All road tests are done through your choice of an Alberta Registry office. We also have a vehicle for rent with Richmond Registry at a cost of $70.00. (Please note that the rental car fee is separate from the GDL Package fee) Please call our office to check the availability for the car rental.


  • Please be present 15 minutes prior to your road test and check in with the registry
  • You must produce a valid road test permit.
  • You must produce a valid Alberta Learners or Drivers License (Exception - road test may be taken by a suspended driver who has met all suspension requirements). If you have a temporary license, you must also produce other government issued photo I.D. (eg. passport)
  • You must provide a vehicle suitable for the class of license being tested - vehicle must be in good mechanical condition (functioning seatbelts, signals, lights, wipers, speedometer, horn, rearview & side mirrors, etc), and you must be able to provide valid registration and insurance for your vehicle.
  • Commercial vehicles must have CVIP sticker*
  • If you are using a rental car, you will be required to provide a copy of the rental agreement with your name listed on the agreement.
  • No passengers (including pets) will be allowed during your road test - No Exceptions.
  • Please provide a second piece of government issued ID to re-class your license.